[fpc-devel]error in FPC docs

Sergey Korshunoff Sergey.Korshunoff at p5.f2666.n5020.z2.fidonet.org
Fri Sep 7 15:42:34 CEST 2001

1 ========================================================
When the compiler encounters a call to an object's constructor,
it sets up the stack frame for the call, and inserts a call to the
\var{FPC\_HELP\_DESTRUCTOR} procedure before issuing the call to the real
The helper procedure allocates the needed memory (if needed) and inserts the
VMT pointer in the object. After that, the real constructor is called.

2 ==========================================================
The reason for this is that it has little sense in making a smarlinked
dynamical library. The whole shared library is loaded into memory anyway by
the dynamic linker (or the operating system), so there would be no gain in

    Sergey Korshunoff

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