[fpc-devel]Re: fpc-devel digest, Vol 1 #1035 - 2 msgs

Pavel V. Ozerski pavel at insect.mail.iephb.ru
Tue Oct 30 15:04:46 CET 2001

I would to dispute a little.

>It looks simple as you write it here, but adding support for it is not that simple.
>Because it is now easily know which virtual method is called. Only a call with an index
>value is generate and not a reference to the method itself.

Old-style objects have only static constructors, that is a way to find used methods

>And for the final result it'll not be a very big improvement. Having better shared library
>support working reduces size of executables a lot more.

It's an illusion, that would be true only if lot of different programs (desirablely including OS ) would use these
shared libraries. Otherwise size of product = size of executable + size of shared libraries designed for it.

>Also having an internal linker is
>much more needed as it'll simplify also cross platform compiling.

May be, it would be better at current stage, to build cross-ld from gcc sources?

Sincerely, Pavel

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