[fpc-devel]CVSWeb access + Win32 CRT bugfix

Lee, John LeeJ at logica.com
Mon Oct 29 15:49:22 CET 2001

cvsweb always seems to work ok for me using ie5.0... I was able to click on
'download' & download latest crt.pp for win32 ok today, Mon 1300 GMT...I'm
not sure therefore what you think is wrong...J
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From: Thomas Schatzl [mailto:tom_at_work at yline.com]
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Subject: [fpc-devel]CVSWeb access + Win32 CRT bugfix


  I'd like to access the CVS sources via the cvsweb interface to get the
latest crt.pp for Win32 to fix that problem mentioned some days ago.

Note to the developers: I think the problem is the implementation of the
clrscr function which doesn't take the current window into account and
always clears the width*height bytes in sequence instead of clearing line by
line. This has been introduced by me, the previous clrscr() implementation
is correct in that case.
Probably some of you can revert this back to the state as it was.

But everytime I click the link to the cvsweb interface my webbrowser (IE5.5)
asks me whether I want to download a file instead of entering cvsweb.

Anyone an idea ?


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