[fpc-devel]Again about calling conventions and name mangling

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Thu Oct 18 13:08:11 CEST 2001

> Hello Peter and all FPC team,
> Did you look at my $calling patch?

I already wrote that i don't have much time and that the snapshots should be working fine
for some days before i apply the patch

> Maybe, I should fix or improve something in it? Or you needs some my
> commentaries?
> Btw, I'm not sure that general parsing of procedure directives in FPC
> is good. There are exist also some differences between FPC and Delphi.
> This example can be compiled with Delphi 3 but not with FPC:
> {$ifdef fpc}
> {$mode delphi}
> {$endif}
> procedure X(x1,x2:longint);stdcall;cdecl;pascal;
>  begin
>  end;
> begin
>  X(1,2);
> end.
> FPC 1.1 gives an error message:
> test.pp(4,42) Error: Procedure directive "PASCAL" has conflicts with other directives
> test.pp(4,42) Fatal: Syntax error, "BEGIN" expected but "identifier PASCAL" found
> Delphi 3 compiles this sample successfully, I assume that last calling
> convention directive overlaps all previous.
> I think, Delphi behavior must at least be supported in $delphi mode of
> FPC. Additionally, I think, procedure directives must be sorted into
> groups to simplify and improve solving conflicts and overlapping.
> I suggest:
> 1) introduce new type tProcDirKind=(pdk_Mangling, pdk_CallConv... etc;
> 2) add to proc_dir_rec type (unit pdecsub.pas) a new field, kind:
> tProcDirKind;
> 3) differently check conflicts between directives for every kind;
> 4) separate handling of calling conventions from handling of name
> mangling. This solution can seem to be painful, because can disturb
> compatibility with older FPC versions, but I think, it is necessary.
> New keywords like "cmangled", "cppmangled" etc must be introduced,
> default using of calling conventions-related directives must cause no
> changes in names mangling. Btw, relationships between name mangling and
> calling conventions is not only strange but also somewhere wrong now. For
> example, function TheFunc(x1:pchar;x2:longint):longint;stdcall;
> now will be mangled in FPC to _THEFUNC$PCHAR$LONGINT but C/C++
> compilers will mangle this stdcall function to _TheFunc at 8 .
> That's not logical, to emulate C/C++ name mangling only for a part of common
> calling conventions!

Adding the cmangled directive is possible.

For only having C calling conventions without name mangling there is already the popstack

> Another problem which is caused with the unasked name mangling
> changes: A small demo which includes 2 units and one program which
> used these units:
> unit unit1;
> interface
> procedure test(x:longint);cdecl;
> implementation
> procedure test(x:longint);cdecl;
>  begin
>   writeln('1:',x);
>  end;
> end.
> unit unit2;
> interface
> procedure test(x:longint);cdecl;
> implementation
> procedure test(x:longint);cdecl;
>  begin
>   writeln('2:',x);
>  end;
> end.
> program main;
> uses
>  unit1,unit2;
> begin
>  unit1.test(100);
>  unit2.test(100);
> end.
> Try to build this project without changes in sources!
> I got problems at linking stage because both cdecl procedures in
> different units have the same mangled name! This example demonstrates
> that non-FPC name mangling must be used very carefully, but now it is

Ofcourse this will fail, just like the C compiler will fail.

> applying in very common cases. Btw, IMHO, even if the "automatic"
> C-like name mangling would be excluded from FPC, the compiler became
> not very less flexible because there are exist also syntax constructions
> like
> procedure TheProc(x1:pchar);stdcall;external name '_TheProc at 4';
> for import and
> procedure TheProc(x1:pchar);stdcall;[public,alias:'_TheProc at 4'];
> for export.
> I could also try to solve some these problems but I could know the
> lot of my $calling patch, because solving ways depend on it.

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