[fpc-devel]I suggest a new FPC feature

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> > 1) Is my $calling patch interesting for you?
> I'm not yet convinced of it's usefullness. Do not forget that we're
> trying to be cross-platform, which means that we should keep in mind
> conventions on other OS-es, such as Unix.

 I'm not sure this is a good reason to avoid the patch. In contrary, 
I even think it's one more reason for it. The more platforms 
supported, the higher can grow the amount of needed calling 
conventions (for example, we'd need support for "far 16 pascal" 
calling convention for some OS/2 libraries :-( ). If you create an 
interface unit for some 3rd party (or system) library, you could add 
one global parameter at the top and stop being afraid of forgetting 
one "cdecl" in the list of 367 ( ;-) ) function declarations.


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