[fpc-devel]Porting compiler to Atheos Operating System

Paul Robinson postmaster at paul.washington.dc.us
Fri May 25 23:38:13 CEST 2001

I was considering trying to port the FPC compiler so that it would
operate on the Atheos Operating system (http://www.atheos.cx), a new
GPL'd OS for the Intel 386 series which was essentially written by one
person and includes a non-X-windows GUI which is an integral part of the
kernel.  I like the concept and it looks quite nice but it needs about a
thousand things before it even reaches the level of Linux.

As I haven't had the opportunity to read this list very much I'm not
sure if anyone else is involved in such a thing, however the possibility
of that is extremely low, however I figure I should check as I might
learn something if someone else is working on something similar.

If someone else is doing anything like this or has any extra hints or
tips for porting an application like FPC, please either post a message
here or write me directly.  If I get good responses I'll post a summary.

Thank you,

Paul Robinson <postmaster at paul.washington.dc.us>

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