[fpc-devel]'FPC_INITIALIZEUNITS' [was] LINKING a pp library from...

Javier Ros Ganuza jros at unavarra.es
Wed May 23 14:45:32 CEST 2001

Michael, thanks for your quick answer:

I'm now trying to elucidate how to call such a function, and the only
reference I've found to it has been something like
emitinsertcall('FPC_INITIALIZEUNITS'); within the compiler source, but I
don't know how to call such function from a normal program. Could you be
more specific or point me to some place within the docs or to some
example?. I haven't benn able to find more information...

I supouse that I have to make a especial mylibrary initialization
procedure, to be called from the main C program, though library, unlike
units, do not have initialization and termination codes.

Could be a more elegant trick to put a specific intialization unit in
the uses clause of the library ?

> The problem is that the system unit (nor any other unit)  is not
> initialized on Linux or DOS; you should manually initialize all units.
> The best you can do is call FPC_INITIALIZEUNITS, and this will initialize
> all units for you.
> We are working to solve this problem.
> Michael.
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