[fpc-devel]Re: problems using other messagefiles (Jonas Maebe)

"Jose A. Gómez" joangoar at terra.es
Thu May 10 18:25:09 CEST 2001

Hello again:

>That's because the Spanish message file is probably not synchronized
>with the English one. If the utility msgdif is included with the compiler
>(I don't know whether it's distributed with the releases), you should be
>able to fix this by using
>msgdif <msg_files_directory>\errore.msg <msg_file_directory>\errores.msg
>and then set the generated new.msg as message file to use in your

Thanks, Jonas.

But there are some error using msgdif, and the final new.msg is not correct:
error in line 1881: still in multiline mode

>C:\pp104\source\demo\text>ppc386 HELLO.PP
>error in line 1881: still in multiline mode
>Free Pascal Compiler version 1.0.4 [2000/12/30] for i386
>Copyright (c) 1993-2000 by Florian Klaempfl
>Target OS: Win32 for i386
>Compiling hello.pp
>Linking hello.exe
>21 Lines compiled, 1.2 sec

I have the same problem wiht German messagefile, errord.msg

Any suggestions?

Jose A. Gómez

>C:\pp104\source\compiler\utils>MSGDIF.EXE c:\PP104\MSG\ERRORE.MSG 
>RRORES.MSG >salida.txt
>C:\pp104\source\compiler\utils> more salida.txt
>Processing: c:\PP104\MSG\ERRORE.MSG...c:\PP104\MSG\ERRORE.MSG(1759) : 
>Invalid en
>c:\PP104\MSG\ERRORE.MSG(1760) : Invalid entry
>c:\PP104\MSG\ERRORE.MSG(1761) : Invalid entry
>c:\PP104\MSG\ERRORE.MSG(1935) : Invalid entry
>  Done. Read 1939 lines, got 560 constants.
>Processing: c:\PP104\MSG\ERRORES.MSG...c:\PP104\MSG\ERRORES.MSG(1730) : 
>c:\PP104\MSG\ERRORES.MSG(1731) : Invalid entry
>c:\PP104\MSG\ERRORES.MSG(1732) : Invalid entry
>536 messages found in common to both files
>24 messages only in c:\PP104\MSG\ERRORE.MSG
>2 messages only in c:\PP104\MSG\ERRORES.MSG
>new.msg(109) general_i_writingresourcefile not translated
>new.msg(112) general_e_errorwritingresourcefile not translated
>new.msg(1856) option_logo not translated
>new.msg(1861) option_info not translated
>new.msg(1869) option_help_pages not translated
>New error **2Sc_supports operators like C (* added
>cg_w_64bit_range_check_not_supported commented out
>**2Sc_soportar operadores tipo C (* commented out
>89 not translated items found
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