[fpc-devel]Memory management

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Wed Mar 21 10:01:50 CET 2001

>   Can be there anything done to improve memmanager's performance?
>   Simple test shows ~83000 GetMems+FreeMems per second on my
>   i486-100MHz (under win95). That's a way little...
>   And the fact that TRY blocks use ordinary memory allocation, all
>   this gives a weird overall sight...

The memory manager is already a lot faster with generic use then the one in Tp7 or Delphi.

A test with


is totally useless as a lot of programs also allocate and free more blocks in between
resultting in a very different situation.

If you really need a specific memorymanager implementation you can write your own
memorymanager and use it by calling SetMemoryManager()

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