[fpc-devel]Some compiler problems?

Aleksey V. Vaneev picoder at sbis.komi.ru
Fri Mar 16 16:13:49 CET 2001


  Dunno what I'm doing wrong, but my program in some situations
  reports "Internal error."

  The program itself is relatively complex, so I will not send any

  But I've found a routine that causes the error. It is a nested
  procedure in a class method and when I do something s := '$' +
  mystr; where s is an AnsiString variable, it reports error I'm
  talking about.

  I also reported a bug (exit(var)). Can you check it out? Maybe its
  roots are like those of "Internal error"'s?

Best regards,
 Aleksey                          mailto:picoder at sbis.komi.ru

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