[fpc-devel]FP IDE change: use GDB 5.0

Pierre Muller pierre at idefix.wisa.be
Thu Mar 15 00:57:51 CET 2001

Starting 14/03/2001,
the v10 IDE snapshots will be compiled with GDB v5.0 libraries.

  GDB 5.0 has several bug fixes and enhancements compared to 
4.18 that was used until now.
These libraries are created after applying a patch
that adds support for pascal expressions
(at least part of it, the main missing part is
that no string operations are supported !)

  You can find the source patch to official GDB 5.0 
on ftp.freepascal.org in /fpc/contrib/gdbpas/gdbpas-5.0.patch
This patch allows both to create GDBPAS and the libs used with 
by IDE.

  This switch to GDB 5.0 will also
enhance FPU window support in debug mode
(this window is still quite rough, but you can at least see
the value of the different FPU registers and their state)

  Please report any problems that could be related to this GDB lib 


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