[fpc-devel]To make more Delphi compatibility!

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Wed Mar 14 13:17:28 CET 2001

> Hello,
> I reported yesterday to developers mailing list my problems which I got while my attempt
> port KOL (Key Objects Library, http://kol.nm.ru) to FPC.
> Some of these problems I tried to solve using compiler patching. This patch I would to
send to you;
> maybe, they are not useless.
> I could fix only two Delphi incompatibilities now.
> 1) Delphi supports properties in BP-style objects. May be, this feature is not
but it is used in KOL.
> 2) If property index value is outside integer range but formal index type in procedure
integer, Delphi compiles
> source successfully but FPC fails.

Thanks for the patches, it's saves us some time to look into the right place to add the

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