[fpc-devel]fvision / IDE

Alejandro NĂ©stor Vargas anv at xnetcuyo.com.ar
Tue Mar 13 22:14:07 CET 2001

El Mar 13 Mar 2001 11:37, escribiste:
> Afraid this will not work! The IDE does not use fvision at present, but
> uses code based on Borland's fv. For copyright reasons the fv source is not
> distributed with fpc. We are intending to use fvision in future (weeks,
> months?) for v1.1 onwards & are awaiting the latest version from Leon de
> Boer, but for v1.0.4 and future fixes for v1.0 we will continue to use fv.

Then... what do I need for compiling the IDE under linux? I've got the CVS 
tree and there is an ide directory here, I suposed it is the current source 
ut it uses a "drivers" unit that is not in the tree. Do I need to download fv 
from Borland site? I was checking the Borland ftp site... where can I find fv?

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