[fpc-devel]Suggestions for contribs page

Schatzl Thomas tom_at_work at gmx.at
Thu Mar 8 12:09:15 CET 2001

Hello developers,

  I'd like to ask if it were possible that in the event of an
addition/modification/removal of an entry in the contributed units page an automatic
message containing the change is sent to fpc-announce ?
It ought not increase traffic to this list too much since such changes are
not too frequent afaik. But on the other hand it relieves me of checking that
page (which takes quite a while to download here) in vain most of the time.
It makes it easier to notice new/changed things too - always checking the
whole table is very time intensive and very often I miss new or changed

Probably it can be implemented as an additional option in the form to allow
for people not wanting this for any reason.

Second it were nice if some sort of acknowledgement mail about the
contribution could be sent to the contributor containing the info entered and (most
important for me) the used password too - I happen to have a memory like a
sieve in such matters and forget in this case the password immediately after
typing it :(
Again it might be appropiate to make this optional.

I do know that this might burden the mail server a little but imho it makes
the system more comfortable.


P.S.: I apologize if this message is sent multiple times to this list. There
seems to be some problem with the mail interface atm...

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