[fpc-devel]Anouncement and poll (3D_MEC)

Javier Ros Ganuza jros at unavarra.es
Fri Mar 2 16:51:55 CET 2001

I'm proud to anounce the first FPC based version of 3D_Mec:

A program for the Numerical, Symbolical and Graphical work with
Mathematical Expresions in Mechanics


You can get linux and windows binaries,
nevertheless you will have to wait to have the code on line cause I
haven't placed the needed copyright notices within the code files.

The page is AT http://www.imem.unavarra.es/3d_mec

My natural language is spanish and most information there is now in
spanish, although the
source code is close to be fully commented in english. Nevertheless I'm
planing to translate the
user docs..., and the core aplication (3d_mec instruction set) is ready
to be internationalized.

Regarding the poll, I can say:

FPC has allowed me to:

1.- Port my old DELPHI code (quiting the interface part, 40.000 lines,
may more) to Windows and Linux 386,
2.- Use OpenGL, from pascal
3.- Use ImageMagick, ""
4.- Use GTK as interface,(No lazarous here)
5.- Use GTKGlArea (as a GTK to OpenGL bridge)

Sharing a single source code for both platforms...

I'm pretty sure this (or a piece of this) would be imposible to do with
any other compiler (no more coments)...

I can also say that I'm experiencing some velocity increase related to
the previous delphi2 version,...

So THANKS, THANKS, many THANKS to all of you that every day are here to
answer, and develop such a dream compiler.

For if there is some interest on have I've don to get the full story
working i can give some explanations,...

Of couse, I have some ideas about things that can be done regarding
souce code sharing between windows and linux,
if this will help I can post them here also. I mean taking away ifdef
win32 and non dll library isues in
the win32 side, and issues related to mingw vs cygwin. Nevertheless I'm
not aquainted with FPC internals
as to make any code contributions in this direction.

Finally, I would like to thank the people in this list that in several
times has given advice to me.
In special to Sebastian, who worked out the opengl headers that quite
transparently aply to the above
mentioned platforms. 

Javier Ros Ganuza.
Dpto. Ingeniería Mecánica.
Univ. Pública de Navarra. Campus de Arrosadia s/n. 31006 Pamplona.
Tel. 34 948169307 Fax. 34 948169099

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