[fpc-devel]Bugfixes and improvements in options.pas

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Fri Jun 29 22:06:22 CEST 2001

At 16:05 29-6-01, you wrote:
>I think, current condition of +/- switches handling in command line 
>(options.pas) in 1.1 branch is not good and somewhere buggy.
>A typical sample is  handling of -WD+/- which is fully impossible. Cause: 
>parsing all command characters inside of "for .. to" cycle
>causes to getting "+" or "-" characters as independent switches which are 
>not supported. Somewhere this problem was partially
>solved using index increasing but not fully correctly because only if "-" 
>sign would be found the index would be increased.
>Missing of signs after switch would also cause loss of next switch.
>Therefore now I tried to fix this bug and added excluding of signs 
>directly into unsetbool function. This change let me simplify some
>constructions. Also I would add support -WR+ / -WR- as synonims of -WR / 
>-WN (may be, -WN switch could be excluded).
>All these my changes are marked by //Ozerski.

Thanks, they have been applied.


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