Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.rug.ac.be
Wed Jun 27 12:45:04 CEST 2001

On dinsdag, juni 26, 2001, at 06:15 , Gintautas wrote:

> RHIDE has been giving me a lot of crashes, that was what I wanted to
> complain about, but as soon as I switched from Win2000 to Win98 all
> the problems went away. Well, thanks for your attention ;-)

Regarding RHIDE crashes: there's nothing we can do about that, we didn't 
create nor do we maintain it. It's a completely separate project done by 
other people. You should tell them about RIDE crashes.

> Still, I'd like to ask: maybe I'm using an old version of FPC, but
> the included IDE is awfully buggy. Are there any updates? A part of
> screendump:
>    FreePascal IDE for Dos
>   Version 0.9.1 2000/12/31
>   (Compiler Version 1.0.4)
>  (Debugger GDB 4.18.pas.b1)

You could try a 1.0.5 snapshot, though I've heard that the Win32 
snapshot of the IDE is currently broken.

> BTW is it OK to get rid of the DJDIR warning by simply doing something
> like "set DJDIR=."?

You should set it to c:\pp\bin\win32 (replace "c:\pp" with the actual 
directory where you installed FPC), it is used to find the binutils I 
believe (which are put there by the installer).

> Also, I'd really like to do my programming under Linux. However, I
> wasn't able to compile RHIDE under Linux; it bombed out with an error
> something like "illegal operator '[]' blahblah" and I've no idea how
> to fix this. Is this problem known? FYI I use GCC v2.95.3. I'll try

Again, you'll have to ask the RHIDE maintainers about that.


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