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Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Wed Jun 20 14:29:53 CEST 2001

> Hi.
> I try to install FreePascal compiler version 1.0.4 for DOS (GO32V2) on 
> my system: 
> OS: Windows NT 4.0 WorkStation SP6a
> Disk C: 2Gb FAT16
> Disk D: 4Gb NTFS
> Disk E: 3Gb FAT32
> Install.exe tell me:
> The operating system doesn't
> support LFN (long file name), so
> some packages won't be installed.
> Why?

Because NT4.0 doesn't support long file names in a dosbox.

> Windows NT 4.0 support long file name...

Only for win32 programs, not for DOS programs.

> When i look into the system.pp:
> Procedure CheckLFN using DOS INT 21 71a0 function to test
> LFN support. But in Ralf Brown interrupt list this function Windows 95...
> Maybe Windows NT not support this function?

Windows NT doesn't support any of the LFN functions. Not just the check.

> How i can install compiler on my system? If i change the install.exe,
> other packages and function don't work: CheckLFN -- RTL function...

1. Use the Win32 compiler if possible. 
2. Decompress by hand and manually patch ppc386.cfg. The installer is just
an easy way to do that.

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