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adrian15 at europe.com adrian15 at europe.com
Sun Jun 3 15:47:01 CEST 2001

Well, two questions:

I prefer you to reply to the 2nd question first, but perhaps you will need to 
read 1st one before.

1st question

Where do I change assembler opcodes, such as NOT, OR, AND, and so on?

  I've searched 'NOT' and 'OR' and there are some suspicious files, but I don't 
want to make it bad. So I ask you advice.


and ra386int.pas which I've already changed but had no effect.

So, that's when "no", "o" and "y" are found they say: Oh, this is not an 
opcode, and then I tried changing them on ra386int.pas but nothing happened.

So... Do I have to change ra386int.pas too? Do I have to leave ra386int.pas as 
it was originally? 

And... for accepting no, o and y as assebler opcodes, which files do I have to 
change?, all of them?

2 question

Finally I decided to use the correct assembler opcodes: not, or and and. And 
the compilation I always do:

D:\bailalo\S6\PP2\BIN\GO32V2>pp -Fu..\..\source\rtl\go32v2\ -Fi..\..\source\rtl\
inc -Fi..\..\source\rtl\i386 -di386 -Sg -va pru.pas
a lot of lines OK
PPU Source: d:\bailalo\s6\pp2\source\rtl\inc\text.inc found
PPU Source: d:\bailalo\s6\pp2\source\rtl\go32v2\dpmiexcp.pp time 2001/06/03 14:4
Parsing implementation of pru.pas
pru.pas(5,1) Warning: Object exceptn.o not found, Linking may fail !
Linking pru.exe
pru.pas(5,1) Warning: Object prt0.o not found, Linking may fail !
Using util d:\bailalo\s6\pp\bin\go32v2\ld.exe
d:/bailalo/s6/pp/bin/go32v2/ld.exe: cannot open prt0.o: No such file or director
4 Lines compiled, 0.3 sec

But non pru.exe was found.

Well, I searched for exceptn.o and prt0.o  and they were here:
D:\bailalo\S6\pp\units\go32v2\rtl (I remind you that pp folder is where is 
stored original uncompressed dos104full.zip except pp\source\compiler in which 
I do some modifications)

But... If I searched in pp\source\  with prt0.* I found many files in

some pp\source\rtl\ folders all of them, amigag ataria freebsd go32v1 i386 
linux os2 but... It wasn't in go32v2. What strange thing.

Following my investigation, and F4 from prog.pdf:

I'm going to try to as(semble) this files.
I've found this files  
FPU      AS


What i do is go this folder and:

as exceptn.as
as fpu.as
as v2prt0.as 

but nothing happens, no file is created.

Help, I need somebody, help not just anybody.

Well...? What am I doing wrong?

As always you have the files I change from pp\source\compiler in:


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