[fpc-devel]repite token not understood by tokens.pas

Pierre Muller pierre at freepascal.org
Fri Jun 1 15:31:22 CEST 2001

At 15:09 01/06/01 , vous avez écrit:
>Well, I've followed all your instructions.
>Here are the only files I change in pp\source\compiler:
>And then what I do is make pp.exe with pp\source\compiler, which is going 
>to be
>my new compiler.
>With my new compiler I try to compile a little file (This one of writing 
>on the screen). And it wants me to give it some units, the rtl, which I 
>give it
>to you with the new tokens sintax.
>But one of this files has an error:
>D:\bailalo\S6\PP2\BIN\GO32V2>pp -Fu..\..\source\rtl\go32v2\ 
>inc -Fi..\..\source\rtl\i386 -di386 -vo pru.pas
>astrings.inc(513,12) Error: Identifier not found ROMPER
>astrings.inc(513,18) Error: Illegal expression
>system.inc(406,15) Fatal: Syntax error, HASTA expected but identifier TO found

Is ROMPER the equivalent of Break in your new list of
reserved words ?
Then, the problem is that the compiler does not recognize it as a reserved 
word !
Thus it assumes that it is a normal identifier, that it can not find.

   But Break and Continue are treated especially as
they are not really reserved words,
   the tokens are never used in fact,
what is used is the definition in
procedure insertinternsyms(p : psymtable);
(unit psystem at line 38 of current CVS)

so you will need to rename these here also !

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