[fpc-devel]repite token not understood by tokens.pas

adrian15 at europe.com adrian15 at europe.com
Fri Jun 1 15:09:55 CEST 2001

Well, I've followed all your instructions.

Here are the only files I change in pp\source\compiler:


And then what I do is make pp.exe with pp\source\compiler, which is going to be 
my new compiler.

With my new compiler I try to compile a little file (This one of writing hello 
on the screen). And it wants me to give it some units, the rtl, which I give it 
to you with the new tokens sintax.

But one of this files has an error:

D:\bailalo\S6\PP2\BIN\GO32V2>pp -Fu..\..\source\rtl\go32v2\ -Fi..\..\source\rtl\
inc -Fi..\..\source\rtl\i386 -di386 -vo pru.pas
astrings.inc(513,12) Error: Identifier not found ROMPER
astrings.inc(513,18) Error: Illegal expression
system.inc(406,15) Fatal: Syntax error, HASTA expected but identifier TO found


The main changes i've done in 

==tokens.pas is : Change 2 to 1 in order to allow 
1 char tokens.

==scanner.pas --> Change 2 to 1 in is_keyword and the other procedure 

==ra386att.pas --> Change 'TYPE' and 'END' for 'TIPO' and 'FIN'

I also include in the zip astrings.inc, which is on my rtl (hispascal one).

And... if you want my folders and all the things to have exactly what I have 
here it is:


What I do it is (let's imagine you decompress it in your d:\ (with use folders 
option enabled)

I open a DOS BOX in win98:
cd d:\bailalo\s6\
cargauni d:
cd %src%
rm *.o *.ppu *.exe
ppc386 -Sg -di386 pp.pas
In windows explorer I copy d:\bailalo\s6\pp\source\compiler\pp.exe to
I return to the BOX DOS
cd %exe%

pp -Fu..\..\source\rtl\go32v2\ -Fi..\..\source\rtl\inc -
Fi..\..\source\rtl\i386 -di386 -vo pru.pas

And the above error appears

Thanks for all, again, I don't understand repite error, perhaps I have an error 
in tokens.pas and I am not able to see it, because it's myself error. Because 
oneself errors are the least likely to be found by oneself.

Have a nice weekend. Myself I have to study for the June exams.

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