[fpc-devel]RTL license issue?

Matti Hamalainen mhamalai at ratol.fi
Fri Jan 19 09:08:05 CET 2001

Yesterday I came to think about the FPC license, especially when
concerning the RTL. I am not a lawyer, but as far as I understand
GNU GPL, program linked (statically or dynamically) with a GPL
licensed library must itself be 'licensed with a GPL compatible
license' which in turn means GPL itself in many cases.

Because FPC's RTL is licensed under GNU GPL, I would understand
that _EVERY_ program linked with the RTL (which means practically
every program/library compiled with FPC) should be GPL!

There are probably many developers who (unintentionally) break
the license as they may assume that the RTL license is more 'relaxed'.

I don't know if it is your specific intention to have it so, but
it would be interesting to know the developer-team's opinion.


The above 'problem' would be solved if the license was LGPL instead of
GPL, also preferably modified to allow static linking without source

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