[fpc-devel]Feature suggestion

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Wed Jan 10 17:19:05 CET 2001

> Could you enchange the 'C'-styled operator support
> so that &=, %=, ^= and |= would be supported. This
> would be quite usefull. (They aren't at least in 1.00)
Should be possible, i'll add it to the tasklist

> Btw. How flexible the macro-support is in FPC?
> Can you have parameters like in C (aka.
> #define foo(x) prinf("baz %s\n", x);
> )
There is no parameter support yet, maybe in the future. Currently it's not planned.
Inlined functions across units have higher priority to implement since they do also some
type checking

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