[fpc-devel]runtime error 101

Patrick Mergan patrick.mergan at village.uunet.be
Thu Jan 4 00:14:55 CET 2001

I have a strange problem here : Converted a turbo pascal program to fpc
in Win32. It uses the printer unit and writes data to the printer
with write(lst,...  ( a hp 5L laserprinter ).
All works fine, but at a certain moment it is printing a logo. When it
is about half printed, I get a runtime error 101  (???)
( Printing stops, but when I send a chr(12) to the printer in order to
eject the page, I see that it was about half printed )
In dos, this error is usually caused by the fact that the program cannot
write due to a 'disk full' or so, but in Win32 ???
In this case, it is writing to lst...
What could possibly be the reason here ?

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