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Noah silva nsilva at sparcy.atariuniverse.com
Wed Feb 28 17:19:39 CET 2001

The funny part is how -bad- GNU pascal is.  I havn't gotten any remotely
serious project to comile in GNU pascal, and yet they claim borland pascal
compatibility.  Their "compatibility" is so easily broken just by
declaring a variable with a name that is reserved in C (since it
apparently still reserves those in pascal), and that's just the start.
It's amazing how broken it is, when I can get most of my programs to
compile under Borland TP 7 for DOS, Pure Pascal for Atari, Free Pascal for
Linux, and even Delphi on windows (which lacks CRT, etc.).  Consider also
that Virtual Pascal has only 2%, but that's for OS/2, and I'm sure it has
most of the OS/2 pascal people (just that that's a smaller group).  GNU
pascal works on a lot more platforms than even Free Pascal.  Obviously it
is pretty bad if it still can't gain support.  I myself would like to use
it because I use Linux on Sparc, and there is no Free Pascal yet for
Sparc, so I have really tried to get GPC to be usefull, I am not just
bashing it here, but I challenge anyone else to port a large borland
pascal type program to it.  The [most recent] program I was trying to port
was my matchup CGI, which can be found (as source) on atari-source.com,
and also actually running on-line at philadelphia-matchup.com;  The CGI
portion compiles only on Free Pascal at the moment, but the rest of it
will compile on VP in OS/2, BP7 on DOS, Delphi, and Pure Pascal on Atari.
The delphi took the most work (to fake out a CRT unit), and was still easy
compared to trying to get anything to work under GNU Pascal.

 - noah

On Tue, 27 Feb 2001, Marco van de Voort wrote:

> I was browsing some TP pages, and found this Pascal-compiler poll:
> http://pub.alxnet.com/poll?id=1250146
> FPC is already second, after TP :-) 
> (and third is Bloodshed........)
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