[fpc-devel]TCP/IP Unit?

Noah silva nsilva at sparcy.atariuniverse.com
Sun Feb 18 23:47:38 CET 2001


I know there are several TCP/IP librariesfor FreePascal, but I was
wondering if there is a -standard- TCP/IP interface (i.e. one that ships
with it).  The Reason I ask is that I am developing a TCP/IPinterface
binding for Pure Pascal (For Atari) to use the STiK/STiNG/GlueSTiK TCP/IP
stack specification (again, on Atari).  When FreePascal for Atari becomes
usable, I will make sure this library runs under that too.  Right now I
plan 3 parts:

a.) Direct port of the C API (pretty much done)
b.) Higher level library using A, that supports Pascal strings instead of
C strings, simplified forms of most functions with defaults on the
extraparams, etc.
c.) An oop library built off of A or b.

Part A is of course specific to this tcp/ipstack, but the higher level
libs need not be.  It would be nice if i could make them API compatible
with another tcp/ip library that works under unix, so that the same apps I
write to run under Pure Pascal/Atari/My stik TCPIP lib will work also
under FPK/Unix/another TCPIP lib.  For example, I am now working (mostly
finished) with an AIM compatible program (as none exists on the Atari as
of yet).  Linux perhaps doesn't need this as badly, as there are C and TCL
based clients, but it would be nice if I could make my unit a drop-in
replacement so that I could compile the same code both places.  Can anyone
recommend a unit for me to steal the interface from?

(btw, I plan BSDish source releases for all of my code.)

   noah silva

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