Roderick van Domburg gog at gamepoint.net
Sun Feb 18 17:42:07 CET 2001

I'm building with the Win32 1.1 compiler, succesfully built from CVS.
However, with every source that I try to compile that lists CLASSES as an
unit, the compiler errs:

classes.pp(16,10) Fatal: Can't find unit SYSUTILS

Which is the exact same error I get when I try to recompile the CLASSES
unit from CVS manually in the FCL directory.

My sysutils.ppw resides in the units/win32/rtl  subdirectory, which is
included in the unit path in the ppc386.cfg:


The RTL subdirectory is succesfully included; if I try to compile
something that includes, say, the DOS unit, it builds correctly.

Any idea how I can fix this, or where my mistake is?

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