[fpc-devel]Ports under Linux

Luis R. Hilario luis at luis-digital.8m.com
Tue Feb 6 03:04:41 CET 2001

Marco van de Voort wrote:
> > Under LINUX, your program must be run as root, or the IOPerm call must
> > be set in order to set appropriate permissions on the port access."
> >
> > I run the program as root. I must use IOPerm of any way?
> Hmm, no, I think that the docs are correct.

Then the previous example would have functional?
If it is not thus, could put an example and include it in the manual. ?

About the error.
I talk about the part that says: "See also ioperm (2)".
Since it does not lead nowhere. Perhaps they wanted to talk about to
"iopl" (~>man iopl).

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