[fpc-devel]FP 1.05 snapshot IDE

Zbigniew Kuczbanski zbyszek at psi.com.pl
Tue Apr 24 22:25:45 CEST 2001

  I try check snapshot from ftp.freepascal.org
I download and unpack snapshot from directory /fpc/snapshot/v10/win32
two files:
basew32.zip and idew32.zip. The base version FP 1.0.4 When I compile
(use fpc.exe) simple text program i.e lines.pp
I see message "can't find unit WINDOWS". Target: win32, date 2001/04/18

Zb. Kuczbanski

> Could you please try out the latest snapshot FP IDE  for Win32 ?
> Several problems and bugs have been fixed since 1.0.4 release.
> You can find the snapshots on ftp.freepascal.org in dir
> /fpc/snapshot/v10/win32
> You need to download and install both  the basew32.zip and idew32.zip.
>    Please let me know if you encounter the same or other problems with this
> snapshot.
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