[fpc-devel]FP 1.0.4 IDE

Zbigniew Kuczbanski zbyszek at psi.com.pl
Wed Apr 18 23:54:14 CEST 2001

  I have a litle...BIG  problem with FP IDE for Win32.
For example I try compile program hello. When I type ppc386 hello, it
create hello.exe and program work.
When I compile use FP IDE, IDE compile program OK, but can't run it.
It display message Can't open hello.exe.
I check, IDE don't create EXE file. WHY?
When I run from command line linker ldw, exe file is create.
I check Options/Directories and path on my computer. I my opinion is

I install FP from one big zip file dosw32xx.zip
  Best Regards
     Zb. Kuczbanski

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