[fpc-devel]Purpose of this list

Vincent Snijders vrs at dds.nl
Thu Sep 28 19:55:44 CEST 2000

From: Florian Klaempfl <florian at klaempfl.de>
> Michael Van Canneyt schrieb:
> > If wanted, I can do that, but I don't think this is a good idea;
> > some people may no like that their reports are unadvertedly forwarded
> > to a list.
> But what's the difference? The bug reports are also available to public
> at the website!

I don't know if it is a significant difference, but mails to the mailing
list are placed in an on-line archive (or used to be placed) and can be
found by a search engine, i.e. altavista. I didn't succeed in finding the
bug reports through altavista.

Vincent Snijders.

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