FW: [fpc-devel]documentation snapshot

Michael Van Canneyt michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be
Mon Sep 25 15:01:32 CEST 2000

On Mon, 25 Sep 2000, Lee, John wrote:

> I didn't say that one needs to be guru to install Adobe or IE - they are
> nomally installed anyway on most companies'(and many private users') windoze
> machines (dunno about linux ones). What I did say was that keeping docs up
> as to date as poss. is important for fpc overall, and especially for the
> (many?) non guru users! This is partly because, malheuresement, fpc
> developers are sometimes/often? _not_ very good at announcing the
> availability of new fpc facilites/functions/updates etc to non developers ie
> ordinary users, so how the h*** (html?) are we supposed to find out about
> things otherwise... except of course by trying to follow the discussion in
> email groups like this one, which is never less than challenging!  John

The reason that I only put new features in the docs when a release is
made, is that then we are more or less sure that it works fine.
I believe I explained this more or less in one of the earlier mails...

Errors and other small inconsistencies can of course be fixed all the time.

Actually, I had more or less expected some mails now with lists of errors
in the docs, certainly after the (heated) discussions on the mailing list.
Except for Thomas Schatzl (for which my thanks), no-one reacted to report
bugs. If I were a naive dreamer, I could of course conclude that there are
no bugs in the docs :) :)

So once more, if people find errors, please take the time to drop me a line
and tell me about it.


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