[fpc-devel]operator overloading problem

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.rug.ac.be
Sun Sep 24 15:08:46 CEST 2000

On Sun, 24 Sep 2000, KO Myung-Hun wrote:

> I successed making RTL partially by modifing 'makefile' and OPT macro
> like that you told. Nevertheless, I don't think that this is fundamental
> way because FPC don't create .oo2 by itself in MAKE. By the way, FPC
> create .oo2 without MAKE. It's strange.

I've fixed this bug in the fixes branch, I'll merge it in the main branch

> And I encountered another problem. That is operator overloading. When
> compiling ucomplex.pp, located in source/rtl/inc/, FPC print below msgs.

I got the same problem, but only in the main branch. I believe some things
were changed to operator overloading recently (for the variant support?).
This is nothing OS/2 specific I think.

> the part caused error is related to operator overloading. remarks of
> ucomplex.pp say FPC supports operator overloading. FPC supports only
> function overloading ? I know that FPC supports operator overloading as
> well as function overloading, incorrect ?

No, operator overloading is also supported. It's simply a bug in the
current main branch compiler.

> Finally, I have questions to development team. The RTL source package is
> different from that used by you ? If it's the same, I cannot understand
> why you succeed, but I fail. Also, I want to know how you make RTL.

Sometimes issues only show up under one operating system (like the problem
with not assembling). Most developers use Dos/Windows/Linux, which is why
sometimes problems go undetected longer on OS/2. However, since my windows
HD died and I don't intend to reinstall WinXX anytime soon, as of now I
will use OS/2 for FPC development in the weeends, which will hopefully
bring the platform more up to date.

Lately, almost only Tomas Hajny was actively working on the OS/2 version
and 1 person is too little to both maintain and improve compiler and RTL
support for an OS I think (if only because then you have only one system
on which everything is tested and you should be able to test on different


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