[fpc-devel]documentation snapshot

Doriano Blengino startx at geocities.com
Sun Sep 24 14:16:54 CEST 2000

Lee, John ha scritto:

> I know that Michael (slightly?) prefers pdf ('deprecation' of the html
> version seems a bit strong!), but on a windoze system html version is much

I think the same, *not* only on windoze system...
Html is a well spread standard, available on most computers, and IMHO it's
results are not so bad.
I hate pdf - for example, you can not export graphics; you can't convert a pdf
(or part of it) in anything else, unless you have I suppose some tool from
Adobe. Yesterday I've downloaded a pdf file, and I was not able to view it
because it was not compatible with reader 3.0. I had to download the reader
v4.0, and wait for a long 1 hour download. It is the same story as M$ winword,
if you don't have the latest version you're out. By me, HTML is a perfect
standard for documentation and is a *real* standard. Pdf is a standard invented
by someone who is trying to get money out of it.

Have you seen the text (plain ascii) documentation? Why it is so crippled? If
the original one was written in html, I bet, the ascii one would be much, much,

The only advantage of pdf is, by me, that a single file is generated. May be it
is not always good...
May be writing pdf could be easier or faster than writing html. May be...

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