[fpc-devel]sysos2.pas recompiling result

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.rug.ac.be
Sat Sep 23 12:07:58 CEST 2000

On Sat, 23 Sep 2000, Jonas Maebe wrote:

> > Back in sysos2.pas
> > Writing .\sysos2.ppo
> > Assembling sysos2
> > Closing script .\ppas.cmd

This shows what the problem is: for some reason, the assembler isn't
called (although the compiler doesn't show an error, while it should). I
just tried for the first time the OS/2 version at home (because the HD
where my Windows was on died recently) and I got exactly the same problem.
You can currently work around it by adding "-a -s" to you OPT string
(then the ppas.cmd file is called by the compiler).

I think the reason for the "can't write ppu file" (also under win32) is
that if no object file is created, but there is a ppu file, then you get

a) sysos2.ppu is created, but no sysos2.oo2
b) compiler wants to compile objpas.pp, but this one requires sysos2
c) compiler loads (opens) sysos2.ppu
d) compiler looks for sysos2.oo2, doesn't find it (this is expressed by
saying the dates are different, though it's strange it did show the date
on your system) and recompiles sysos2.pas
e) I think the sysos2.ppu file is closed before this recompilation
happens, but on some OS'es (e.g. win32, and it seems under EMX as well) it
takes a while before the files are really closed. So when the compiler
tries the ppu file, it gets an access denied error

This is what I *think* that happens anyway :)


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