[fpc-devel]documentation snapshot

peter at freepascal.org peter at freepascal.org
Fri Sep 22 18:09:04 CEST 2000

> That's what I like on a Fri afternoon, someone coming right off the fence...
> difficult to respond w/o mentioning the 4 letter word h*** (it used to be
> 'never mention the euro' but now it's obviously changed), but on my p233 +
> my p650 under w*****, I can read & navigate the docs easier & faster with
> h??? than with PDF just by clicking on 'favourites'... I don't normally need
> to print them...    
> Anyway forgetting about h... (which I suppose you'll find quite easy!)...
> you seem to agree (or not disagree anyway) that a more up to date doc
> snapshot would be good, so if you have one why not just put one onto fpc/ftp

FYI, there is a recent snapshot (only the fsplit remark missing) available in 
html. It even includes the examples correct.

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