[fpc-devel]win32 resource compiling (2nd try)

Pápai András vackor_1 at freemail.hu
Fri Sep 22 00:04:02 CEST 2000

Hi developers,
a few weeks before I sent you a correction in comprsrc.pas. This 
solved 1 problem, but _created_another_ones_ (incorrect include-dir 
passed to windres, not working when utils dir specified).
I attached a diff file, which seems to be correct:
- finds and calls windres.exe (not windres.exewindres.exe)
- works if utils-dir not specified, works if it is
- passes windres.exe's dir as default include dir to windres.h

I wrote this from 1.0 release, if it's changed, and the bug does not 
exist in the last snapshots, just ignore me. :)


-------------- next part --------------
>   tmp_str;
<    respath:=FindExe(target_res.resbin,resfound);
>    begin
>     resbin:=FindExe(target_res.resbin,resfound);
>     FSplit(resbin,respath,tmp_str,tmp_str);
>    end;

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