[fpc-devel]Error in UNITS doc...

C.Keck C.Keck at gmx.net
Tue Sep 19 23:32:17 CEST 2000

Original message from: peter at freepascal.org
>> Hi,
>> I think I found an error in the FPC documentation.
>> It's about that command "CompareMem" from the Sysutils unit.
>> The doc says that it should give back an integer result, but the
>> compiler seems to expect a boolean?!?
>> Btw: Is there a function that compares two memory areas (e.g. a small
>> pattern within a huge buffer) and gives back the position where
>> the pattern is found? Would be very handy if so.
>You can use the following FPC specific functions from the system unit 
>(available since 1.00):
>function  CompareChar(var buf1,buf2;len:longint):longint;
>function  CompareByte(var buf1,buf2;len:longint):longint;
>function  CompareWord(var buf1,buf2;len:longint):longint;
>function  CompareDWord(var buf1,buf2;len:longint):longint;

Thanks for the help...But why is there nothing about this in the docs?

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