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Subject: Re: [fpc-devel]TP compatible fsplit()

> > Problem: when using LFN the dos' fsplit() function doesn't return the
> > correct extension for filenames having multiple dots in the name (e.g.
> > 'file...exe', etc.) or at least not compatible TP ones.
> >
> > Solution (?): Changed it so that the extension is not only the last dot,
> > all last dots. [I hope you understand]. This is imho most TP compatible.
> > Actually if you it were possible with TP (tried by deliberately passing
> > a name) it produces garbage. It's the 'compatiblest' way I found, at
> > Lee John's recursive directory search works then with LFN too.
> Why that? If some idiot calls a file "readme..txt" and you try to get
> the extension, you get ".txt", and conclude you can't open it with
> notepad?

You get '..txt' in this case. The extension is always including the point.
Btw, Windows accepts a file with '..txt' being a '.txt' file. (e.g. it uses
a routine to detect extensions similar to your old routine)

> The points remain a problem. Both if you stick them with the name or
> the extension (and can't leave them out, because you can't
> concatenate it back together again)
> Marco van de Voort (MarcoV at Stack.nl or marco at freepascal.org)

But consider the directory '..' (previous directory) ! TP puts everything
after the first dot into the extension (e.g both dots). This is usually
checked for in directory traversals, because both this one and '.' have to
be ignored (the exit clause in the recursive call).
Else you get a dot in the name and a dot in the extension and checks fail
resulting in an endless loop until the stack overflows. (btw, actually FPC
should issue an RTE but not crash back to Windows when compiled as a GO32V2
program; same for the Win32 compiled program)

Exactly this is the problem. Not a person creating weird file names.

I already said that I don't really like it (because it's not the way OSes
handle this too).

TP rtl is aching everywhere, don't tell me.

You could add a simple check for '..' too overriding the whole other split
function - but that's even more a hack.
This solution is best imho.

Or do you have a better idea ? See his code and try. (I am not an expert in
dir traversals, I just made it to work - but I think the checks done are


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