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    Subj.: [fpc-devel]PASCAL record vs C struct alignement (GTK related).
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From: Javier Ros <jros at unavarra.es>
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Still trying to port a GTK FPC linux aplication to FPC (close to

I have noticed that the gtk file selection dialog doesn't work in win32.

I've made a simplistic C program finding the same behaviour.

The solution in the case of the C program is to use the -fnative-struct
GCC flag
(mingw version of the compiler). This flag makes that the C struct
alignement used
by gcc agrees to the one of the microsoft compilers.

The answer to the pascal case aparently translates directly to a problem
record alignement. I suppouse that up to now some FPC guru is using
Tor's GTK
 libraries troublelessly, and that this is done trought the use of some
(at least for me) compiler $mode directive.

Does anybody know which?

Another somehow related question

When using recent versions of the GTK 1.3 dll I'm getting some missing
functions, that stops the program from working. For example,  i suppouse
that some
 of you have get the complaint

missing gtk_paned_set_gutter_size

arosed by the windows dinamical linker (of course the function
 is not explicitly called from my program).

I know that this is a question related to a incompatibility
of the versions of the gtk import units and the tor's gtk win32 dll
(1.2.? vs 1.3.?). 
But diging into the gtk import library I've found a comment saying

{ Always use smartlinking for win32, this solves some undefined
  in the development gtk versions which change often (PFV) }
{$ifdef win32}
  {$smartlink on}

would this directive solve the missing function problem?

Some thinkings...

I hope that some of the thinkings presented avobe, and others, with
their answers
can be taken as a good starting point to a FPC-GTK-WIN32-FAQ. The readme
at the root of the fpc gtk directory would be a nice place to write down
instructions or considerations...........

Thanks a lot

Javier Ros Ganuza.
Dpto. Ingeniería Mecßnica.
Univ. P·blica de Navarra. Campus de Arrosadia s/n. 31006 Pamplona.
Tel. 34 948169307 Fax. 34 948169099

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