[fpc-devel]Direct Memory Access and Iterrupts under Linux

svtvn at bol.com.br svtvn at bol.com.br
Tue Nov 28 14:13:17 CET 2000

Matti Hamalainen wrote:

> Yes, but remember that DOS <> Linux (or other Unixes)!! Under DOS you NEED
> to make your own drivers, but under Linux you have the drivers already
> provided (in some form). Direct access of hardware under Linux (or other
> Unix) is NOT recommended and is sometimes impossible unless implemented
> on the kernel level.
> What I would recommend is that you use some (already mentioned) of the
> available GENERIC libraries: GGI (http://www.ggi-project.org/) and/or
> SDL (http://www.libsdl.org/)
> Those libraries provide simple framebuffered videomemory access, where
> you can easily draw (and implement functions for drawing things). They
> support SVGALib & X11 and SDL also supports multiple platforms (Win32,
> BeOS and MacOS)
> Of course you can also use X11 or SVGALib directly.
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Thank you! I´ve try to create a new graph library because I can´t use svgalib with
Free Pascal and I like create new things. I like low level programing (like
assembly) and I tink to learn about low level programing under Linux, but kernel
is very big :-)! What can I do? It´s fun!

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