[fpc-devel]Last compiler source

Pavel V. Ozerski pavel at insect.mail.iephb.ru
Thu Nov 23 13:10:13 CET 2000

>Why is a fpimplib necessary? You've still to write an
>interface unit.
I would use it to auto-generating interface static libraries if a DLL is pointed in $LINKLIB.

>You can look at the RVA address and compare with
>   .text .data .bss addresses boundary.

Sorry for my ignorance, but I cannot understand how to compare these values.
I got now in my test the entries of an exported procedure and of an exported variable
(as I could see in asm sources, the first is located in .text, the second in .bss).
Also I got the virtual addresses of .text and .bss.
All 4 values are correct (I checked them also with NT Quick View) but I don't understand relationships:

Procedure entry point in export table: 5F38H,
Variable entry point in export table: 1040H,
.text section virtual address: 1000H,
.bss section virtual address: 40F3H.

Also when I tried to view other (e.g. NT system) dlls, many functions have entries outside of .text virtual addresses.

Please, if possible, explain me, how to recalculate these values to make comparing correct.

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