[fpc-devel]Last compiler source

Pierre Muller pierre at freepascal.org
Tue Nov 21 10:02:33 CET 2000

At 09:43 21/11/00 , Pavel V. Ozerski a écrit:
>Hello, I compiled after some fixes the yesterday's CVS compiler.
>1) also in t_win32 the old problem presents: parameter list of 
>FindObjectFile was changed but lines 908, 910 (inside
>PAVEL_LINKLIB conditional block) were not fixed.

Can you send me a patch ?

>2) also now if DLL main module will be compiled into library (-CX -XX), 
>export info will be lost (the library does not contain
>.edata ). But adding also -a into compiler command line (using external 
>assembler) solves the problem. Why internal
>coff writer does not generate .edata section by creating smartlink libraries?

I already started to try to fix that problem,
the .edata section is created. The problem is that it is in a separate object
if you smart create and it is not inserted in the final link because it is not
required (no reference to any label from that object is used !)

   I will try to solve this by adding an explicit reference to a assembler 
label of the .edata object file into
the object file containing the main procedure.

>P.S. Please tell me, which problems causes my version of $linklib? I would 
>try to solve these problems.

   The main problem is that
external name 'ANY_bizaRRE_nAMe';
is translated into the whole compiler into an assembler label that is exactly
but your version of linklib associates
external name 'DLLFunction';
to the assembler label _DLLFunction
with a leading underscore.

   You might argue that this is a detail, but for me it is a very important 

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