[fpc-devel]Unix Renamefest

md md at realmwireless.com
Tue Nov 14 17:16:16 CET 2000

Around what date do you estimate the 1.2.0 version will be ready?


Marco van de Voort wrote:
> FYI:
> Currently I'm renaming nearly all {$IF(N)DEF Linux} to {$IF(N)DEF Unix} in
> the development branch.
> This because the meaning of the Linux directive is going to change in 1.2;
> from now on, Linux will only signal real Linux specific behaviour, while the
> directive "Unix" should be used for more generic Unix like features (like
> forward slashes, Unix'like disc layout).
> The development and fixbranch compiler will define:
> for target              defines
> FreeBSD                 FreeBSD,BSD,Linux,Unix  (but Linux will
>                                                 disappear in 1.2)
> Linux                   Linux,Unix
> However since 1.0.2 doesn't support this, some arrangements in the makefiles
> will be made to make the conversion smooth.
> -----------
> This is all part of a greater plan of course, namely the splitting up of the
> LINUX unit into a Unix and Linux unit, more or less along the same lines
> (everything which is a bit generic to Unix, while Linux specific stuff stays
> in Linux)
> This keeps the Unix unit a little more "portable" across Unices, while at the
> same time it removes the break on adding new functions to Linux.
> ---------------
> Comments, problems as a result of the replacing, etc to Marco at freepascal.org
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