[fpc-devel]Systems 2000 report

Sebastian G√ľnther sguenther at gmx.de
Fri Nov 10 18:48:04 CET 2000

Michael.VanCanneyt at wisa.be wrote:
> > - Resources are not fully supported: While you can access a resource via
> > its name, you cannot enumerate them. Sounds strange, but nobody knew
> > further details...
> Sounds like none of the developers were there ?

Not really, only people from Borland Germany.

> > We'll see in which way future GUI libraries will be able to offer
> > support for more advanced things such as tray applets in a platform
> > independent way... But at least for KDE it looks quite good; for Gnome I
> > don't expect any problems as well as it's C based.
> Even Kylix uses a C wrapper for Qt, there is no problem in providing
> something similar for KDE.

Hmm yes, but the question is wether we'd have to support Qt completely
as well in this case. But I cannot say very much on this topic now, as I
don't know the technical details of KDE 2 yet.

> I think the time needed to add FPC support to KDevelop would be better
> spent on improving our own tools; like you said, 'in the short term', yes,
> but in the long term: no.

Exactly. But OTOH, this will only be useful for us if KDevelop is more
powerful than a usual text editor (mc's cooledit or whatever). We'll
see... KDevelop 1.3 is C/C++ specific, so we'll have to wait for 2.0 (or
until it gets in a more or less usable beta state).

> The apache header file translated is about 1000 lines; this is much less
> than GTK, so it should be possible to do this.

Of course, but this has to be done. And to be able to compete with Kylix
here, we'd have to develop some components which make the writing of
Apache modules more easy.

- Sebastian

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