[fpc-devel]MAKE & FPC/2

Pierre Muller pierre at freepascal.org
Wed Nov 8 15:13:35 CET 2000

At 15:00 08/11/00 , vous avez écrit:
> > Hi/2 all.
> >
> > I found the strange thing. When FPC lauched by MAKE 3.76.1,
> > FPC do not regonized 'executable path'. So when launching FPC with
> > -viut and redirecting to some file, the file report nothing about
> > 'executable path'.
>  This is probably a combined result of two things:
>  1) The configuration file is explicitely disregarded in the makefiles 
> (there's -n option specified). That's what I wrote in my previous message 
> regarding this. So yes, your configuration file is not used.

   This is not always true, its only the case if -n option is added to the 
options passed
to the compiler (this is added with RELEASE is defined or for several other 
but it is not always present)

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