[fpc-devel]Documentation of default environment under Windows

Joachim von Jena jvjena at cs.tu-berlin.de
Sun Nov 5 13:44:31 CET 2000

Dear Free Pascal community,

I would like you make aware of a difficulty with FPC version
1.0.2 (win32). The

Users' manual for Free Pascal, version 1.00.0 1.8

  says under

5.1.3 Options concerning files and directories

       Tells the compiler to write units in directory xxx
instead of the current
       directory. It overrides the -FE option.

This seems not complete information for W95 or NT. You have
to tell in some explicit way that you want to use the
current directory
as default (using complile switch "-FE." or environment
"PATH .;%PATH%"). Otherwise you will not be able to compile

Any comments highly appreciated.

Please reply also to me directly because I have not yet
subscribe to any of  the free pascal mailing lists.


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