[fpc-announce] Free Pascal Contributed units modified entry. (TDB Engine (tdbengine))

contribs at freepascal.org contribs at freepascal.org
Wed Feb 15 09:42:39 CET 2006

The following entry in the Free Pascal contributed units was modified:

Name         : TDB Engine (tdbengine)
Author       : tdbengine
Email        : tdbengine
Homepage     : http://www.tdbengine.org/
FTP site     : http://www.tdbengine.org/text/download_en.html
Version      : 6.2.9
Date         : 2006-02-15
Category     : Database
Supported OS : Windows, Linux
Description  :
Tdbengine is a "relational database management system" - in short: RDBMS - with an integrated programming language. It represents the enhancement of the famous DOS-TDB and is predestined to handle databases on the web. It connects to the webserver using the standard cgi interface.
The tdbengine is very small (about 400 KByte), extremely quick and easy to administrate. Currently versions for Linux (x86), FreeBSD (x86) and Windows NT/2000 are available.

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