[fpc-announce] New entry in Free Pascal Contributed units. (FreePascal DLL example with Delphi program)

contribs at freepascal.org contribs at freepascal.org
Sun May 29 07:41:23 CEST 2005

The following entry was added to the Free Pascal contributed units:

Name         : FreePascal DLL example with Delphi program
Author       : Lars aka L505
Email        : freepascal at z505.com
Homepage     : http://z505.com
FTP site     : http://positivesale.com/freePascal/dll/FreePascal_dll.zip
Version      : 1.0
Date         : 2005-05-29
Category     : Miscellaneous
Supported OS : Win32
Description  :
Example showing:
 -how to create a DLL with freepascal
 -how to call this DLL dynamically from delphi
 -"get" a string (pchar) and an integer from the
  DLL over to the program.

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