[fpc-announce] New entry in Free Pascal Contributed units. (SynWrap1)

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Mon May 23 07:50:25 CEST 2005

The following entry was added to the Free Pascal contributed units:

Name         : SynWrap1
Author       : Lars aka L505
Email        : fpcunits at freepascal.org
Homepage     : http://z505.com
FTP site     : http://positivesale.com/freePascal/synapse/SynWrap1.zip
Version      : 1.0
Date         : 2005-05-23
Category     : Internet
Supported OS : Linux, Win32, Other
Description  :
This is a Synapse helper unit or wrapper. It allows Synapse to handle redirects when you are requesting a web page. 

Currently it handles 301 redirects. It also allows you to put a "verbose" option on, in order to get freedback about the website you tried to "Get", and what errors the server may have shouted about.

Future versions will handle more 3XX, 4XX error codes (i.e. 404, 302, 304, etc.).

The SynWrap1.pas file will also act as a unit for other common wrappers which you or I wish to code. If you have a wrapper or any general purpose function for synapse that you think is useful, let me know. 

Includes a command line program to show the useful ness of this Synapse wrapper.

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